What is Your Loving Truth Wearing? © ~TracyMac

“You may have been trained to dress Your Loving Truth according to the unseasonably heaviness of some religious dress codes. You bundled up to keep you warm when you weren’t even cold. Or maybe you were tightly wrapped in society’s exclusive fashion sense that had you busting at the seams. That mayhave been suitable for you then. But now that you’ve grown, that old cover up just doesn’t fit you anymore, if it ever did…


Wearing your Loving Truth is just as natural as; being as naked as you were when you came here. But again, now that you’ve grown; it may be uncomfortable to be naked in your Loving Truth, at first. You may dress it in layers and girdle it up so tight you can’t breathe: waiting for someone else to…

 But don’t wait, go ahead and enjoy a good ole exhale…

 There is no need for a cover up. It gets in the way of touch and frustrates desire. You can’t do a “John Brown” thing clothed in distorted expectations and wearing the rags of convoluted acceptance. Plus, Pleasure’s principles can’t be satisfied or effective, bound by layers… 

 Others may not appreciate all that you have or how it looks. They may even reject you because of it. But when you realize who you are is all you “IS” and that’s enough! – you will be so beautiful to you. You will be aroused just by seeing…

 Others will be drawn to your intimacy; some may just look, a few may even like, but there will be One(s) who will connect in the ways of your longing. You may decide to carry yourself differently, so be ready to adjust with those who are attracted to and value your reflection as their own. They may have been waiting for you to disrobe too. The One(s) can see some parts of you better than you can and with that view, make those areas “feel” even better than you can, too. Mmm Hmm…

 So allow your Loving Truth to show up to you, in you, on you and as you completely naked; and may you never attempt to clothe that BEaUty again. If you haven’t already, now is always a good time…” © ~Tracy Mac 😉

 In naked Loving Truth,


About TracyMac - The Life Solutionist

“We are your most trusted resource for personal and professional relationship enrichment. And if you're serious about business, it can't help but get personal.” ~Coach TracyMac Assists business owners, management, leadership teams and change agents with personal life management. As a result of working with me, they experience the exceptional value of having an unbiased listening ear, a relationship strategist, mediator and a confidant to help mastermind personal solutions. They consistently transform their hard work into “heart work” through accelerated wins in every area, saving them time to consistently enjoy healthy relationships, increase influence and boost revenue. Certified Life Coach & Trainer, A Fun Relationship & Personal Development Strategist, Speaker, Certified Mediator, Amazon Bestselling Author www.lifecoachtracymac.com
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