The Sexuality of Consciousness © 2011 ~TracyMac

The Sexuality of Consciousness © 2011 ~TracyMac

I’m amazed at how many grown folks, especially married folks are so apprehensive, almost scared to talk about sex.
Yes, S-E-X, even with the ones they are or have been sexually involved with. Oh stop, don’t act like you’ve only been with one sexual somebody. Wait, let me not assume, maybe that’s true for you – no judgment or assumptions here. Tell you what, you read without eyes of bias and I’ll write and flow freely. We’re both grown, legal, mature connected and Conscious, right? Right!

I know I am.

So go ahead and be free in the deliberate beauty of the Divine Consciousness of your Mind. It is ok. You will read nothing here that you don’t already know, but maybe you’ll allow yourself to see what you may have been reluctant to think, say or feel or may even be turned on by… Various people may say they don’t talk about sex because it’s a private matter, taboo or sacred, etc. Some don’t talk about it because they don’t know how to talk about it in a mature fashion or they don’t want anyone to know they do it…and like it. Or maybe it’s because they just don’t want anyone to know what they do or don’t do in the bedroom, or wherever…

Others don’t talk about it because they don’t want to be thought of as sex-crazed “nymphos” or want the conversation to seem invitational and they’re scared you may want to RSVP as a VIP. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not suggesting that sexuality be something brought up at the breakfast table with the children, in the break room with co-workers; or something flippantly discussed in the darkness of degradation or vulgarity. Nor am I suggesting that you sell out  your intimacy with your mouth with immature “guy or girl talk”. That ain’t right; cool either…

But dang, good sex is a natural and beautiful thing and there just seems to be something spiritual about an orgasm that, well… You know, don’t you? But, I guess most think it is best kept secretive, as if talking about it will dilute the intensity of pleasure or the mar beauty in the act. Regardless of the comfort ability of discussion about sex and sexuality; truth is, foreplay and physical sex can produce physically stimulating orgasms that are so damn satisfying. But as good as they may be those vibes and feelings are temporary and can occur without much thought and varied intensities. One “O” may not be as good as another sometimes. You know? Yeah, you know. You can put as much effort in it as you like and erupt in pleasure or just go through the motions. But again; either way, it’s short-lived and doesn’t require Love. More time is spent in thought than carrying out the act; I don’t care how long you can “go”. The brevity is proof that physical sex is a limited experience. Some may not think so, but it is, even if it is sex with yourself. It’s ok, you know you do. Yeah, you do…

So if you don’t want to talk about physical sex, that’s cool and your prerogative should always be honored and respected. But Sexuality longs to go beyond the extent of the secrets of your body; your humanity. The Sexuality of Consciousness wants to whisper sweetly to you, listen attentively to you, and behave romantically with you all the time – so much so, you gladly talk about it by way of your Life’s outward expressions. Your actions are the proof it wants to unashamedly define your amazing relationship.

The Deity of the Sexuality of your Consciousness is very sensual. God, the Omniscient Originator had and has to have extensive knowledge of the subject in order to, create it and gift us with the ability to have it, you think? The Sexuality of Consciousness has no inhibitions and shows up, so attractive – absolutely in Love and completely naked. It can undress you without touching your clothes and  is turned on by the intricate beauty of your creative mind, without a moving violation.

The Truth and awesomeness of your mind being sexed can pale physical, sexual exchange hands down. Unlike physical sex, The Sexuality of Consciousness is a choosy Lover, yet doesn’t try to confine you to the entitlements in a traditional marital contract, yet it will only allow like-mindedness to enter your vulnerabilities to ensure your environment is completely safe, so you can enjoy your vision’s nakedness. Naked Visions are those ideas, thoughts and dreams you haven’t dressed yet. The ones you may do better with by allowing  another to help you clothe them.

Those gifted tailors who are created to partner with your mind have been tested by the Sexuality of Consciousness and have proven to be golden; tried by Love’s fire and bathed in the perfume of Truth. Maybe, you too, have endured the same rigorousness, worthy of the predestined intertwining without self-consciousness and your partner can show up at any point, without the approval of time. When they show up, you won’t know them “in time” but by eternity’s assurance.

The Sexuality of Consciousness can only hampered by your unwillingness to participate; it has to have you to “do” you. I’m not talking about a flighty fantasy or pubescent, erotic thoughts and wet dreams. This is the pleasurable manipulation of your mind’s body leading to the release of your Originality’s best thoughts that come to serve you and work for you because they know the quality of your life and theirs depends on it.

The Sexuality of Consciousness is not lazy and it requires your mind to consistently work-out in the Intelligence of Peace. As you “live” Divine Consciousness and massage your best thoughts with such passion, they know they want to forever be with you and ultimately, you will gainfully employ them. They’ll show their appreciation and loyalty by recruiting their friends on the outside.

The Sexuality of Consciousness will not allow you to think about the redundancy of outdated language of control that
exists under the guise of stagnancy and ignorance. It is not into ménage a trios with infantile excuses of mindless distractions of any other past or faux lovers and it knows the minute you let them in. It will pull out and allow you
to experience the temporary mental laziness that you are used to tolerating. You know the one that allows you to just lie there, leaving you alone to clean up and they pay you poorly – with no mind when it’s finished? Yeah, that one.

The Sexuality of Consciousness desires to hit your most productive spots with every creative thought and knows exactly where they are located; it put them there. It doesn’t have to guess where to touch you best nor does it have to wonder if it has impregnated your life. It realizes the intensity of its potency and knows you’re well-built to carry full term and deliver, at will, without complications. There is never an exchange void of pure pleasure. Size is never a factor because you were created to fit well within the ecstasy-organ of your Divine thoughts and the Divine thoughts
of those you are Consciously connected with.

The Sexuality of Consciousness is the caretaker of your thoughts that may be perceived child-like. You know those thoughts that seem like a day-dream, too immature to happen…damn near impossible to ever do? Yeah, those are the children, the evidence that you are not a virgin to the brilliance and wonderment of Deified Thought, proof that the Sexuality of Consciousness not only exists but is alive and well. Physical sexuality can have no eternal effect on the Sexuality of your Consciousness, but the Sexuality of your Consciousness can flow from your mind right to the core of your body and you’ll wonder why you feel like you do right now. Why your best thoughts touch your body and…

Let me stop, because just I don’t know how much more your mind’s body is willing to work to take…

If only for a moment in eternity, thanks for feeling me “let” you.



P.S – Let me know if you read this and if you like, but you don’t have to, YOU know you did… 😉

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2 Responses to The Sexuality of Consciousness © 2011 ~TracyMac

  1. Nico says:

    Well you have said a mouth full…continue to write your hearts desire! You are an awesome being!
    Put a subcribe button on your site so people can subscribe to your blog…or do you have one already?

  2. ENOUGH says:

    Those silky smooth words you dripped touched me in a hundred places producing a thousand magnificent sensations. Don’t stop! P-l-e-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-s-s-s-s-s-s-e Don’t stop! This sexuality of consciousness is about to break me off!!!!……………………………. Mmmmmmmmm….. Restful Peace……

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