Is it Just What They Said God Said? © 2012 ~TracyMac

In all due respect, some of us; via religion, traditional facts, hand-me-down beliefs and even unchecked ignorance chose to confine what God says only to the Bible. You mean just sixty-six books can harness the lips and eternal life of the great I AM? And if religious, political and a prejudiced humanity didn’t do enough to attempt to give God a prison sentence that exists within the walls from Genesis to Revelations; the perpetual, rarely questioned interpretation of this solitary confinement, has been left up to the approval of a “sanctified few”. A few of the few have dwindled biblical writings down to a poor version of gossip and even limited what is said about God to what is spoken from their mouths as well. What?!?

How great IS (y/our) God? You mean the Almighty God is tongue-tied to leather-bound chapters and verses written by men? Men who never read the canonized version, you read, themselves. And though I truly believe the Bible is the word (singular) of God, it is a spiritual book written by human beings who were inspired by God: IT is not God. We were not created to worship the words but we become them. Through our purpose and mindful living, as our divine lives are inspired, we continue to “write”on…

God did not stop creating holy people after the disciples. What’s the difference between them, you and me…? Eh?

The same God that inspired them has done no less to, through and for you. God lives before, during and after the book and has created you as to be a living epistle (book). There have been times when I have spoken, I didn’t quote scriptures; chapters and verses, and a few folks concluded I had “taken God out of the equation”. But what I realized years ago that God IS… the equation and “it” will always total him. (period)

If “now words” of God cannot be uttered without being required to reference or refer back to what other humans were inspired to write, then we worship those words and not God whose words we become and who can say anything he wants with sovereignty; anytime he wants and through whomever he chooses whenever he’s good and ready. And it is no less inspiring or divine, even if some try to play deaf, blind and ignorant.

What God inspires you to be, say and do is just as holy as any one of his human kind. We are all One, there is no respect of person. Because God is spirit and has no defined human name, when he wanted one he spoke yours! No, you are not God Almighty, yet when God created you in his image, God became you. God wants to live as you; through how you move, think and speak. We have the privilege and the responsibility to grow that divine mind, engage and develop our Christ consciousness. So you have to decide, is God stuck on a diluted repeat? Is it just what THEY said God said? Or when God speaks now, may he use y/our words and you find them to be just as holy?

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“We are your most trusted resource for personal and professional relationship enrichment. And if you're serious about business, it can't help but get personal.” ~Coach TracyMac Assists business owners, management, leadership teams and change agents with personal life management. As a result of working with me, they experience the exceptional value of having an unbiased listening ear, a relationship strategist, mediator and a confidant to help mastermind personal solutions. They consistently transform their hard work into “heart work” through accelerated wins in every area, saving them time to consistently enjoy healthy relationships, increase influence and boost revenue. Certified Life Coach & Trainer, A Fun Relationship & Personal Development Strategist, Speaker, Certified Mediator, Amazon Bestselling Author
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