What Is Your Relationship With Peace?


What is your relationship with peace?

Okay, I’ll go first. For me? Peace is a bold, bad mutha, shut yo’ mouth! Peace isn’t afraid of nouns, and it doesn’t need permission from understanding to do what it do! Yet peace is perfect, it’s sweet enough to keep me and my mind right, yet bold enough to help me change it when its wrong. Peace kindly affects everyone and everything around me. Peace is a decision.

That’s my relationship. Now, let’s talk a little bit about other folks before you answer. They aren’t here.

There are those who live from the perception that peace is weakness. Peace is not weakness. Peace is not the absence of chaos, dysfunction, struggle and conflict but, peace is having the mindset of not being negatively affected by it, them or “they”.

I know you’ve heard the term rest in peace. Maybe looking forward to resting in peace is why so many people have been duped into believing that peace is a “place”, where they can only experience resting in when they die. Maybe that’s why some folks don’t expect to have peace now, or may perceive it as weakness. Their relationship with real peace is somewhere over yonder, while chaos, dysfunction, struggle and conflict are ever present and acceptable bedfellows. They come in and steal their joy, jack their relationships, eat their food, take the covers and take over their beds!

Peace doesn’t allow that! No. Not one! Peace is the God-given, empowering ability to be surrounded by negativity, and bring it under subjection, to “Be still and know, that I AM…God. Peace says, “Be still! And, let it be!” Peace sees through the mess and, without permission, beautifies it simply by being present. Oh my! That peace is alive and well, because the God in you is alive and well. Right? THAT is strength and power and it is attractive, and peace looks mighty good on anybody and it goes with everything.

So you: Your relationship with peace is linked to and directly affected by your relationship with God. God is peace. I say live in peace! Let peace live in you and flow to, through and from you. Live in peace right now and don’t tarry! Be a peace magnet and a peace conductor. Allow “…the peace that surpasses all understanding…” into every day, moment, every situation and every circumstance. Peace is a decision. Don’t wait to rest in peace live in it now!

It’s your turn. What is your relationship with peace? How do you define it? Only you know! However you define it, enjoy your relationship with peace – enjoy your “Peace Place”. Don’t wait to rest in peace. Live in it, now!

Peace is the order of the day!

On Purpose. Through Mission. With Passion!


Life Coach TracyMac – “The Relationship Broker” Owner of Peace Place LLC – TRACYMAC Coaching Services


About TracyMac - The Life Solutionist

“We are your most trusted resource for personal and professional relationship enrichment. And if you're serious about business, it can't help but get personal.” ~Coach TracyMac Assists business owners, management, leadership teams and change agents with personal life management. As a result of working with me, they experience the exceptional value of having an unbiased listening ear, a relationship strategist, mediator and a confidant to help mastermind personal solutions. They consistently transform their hard work into “heart work” through accelerated wins in every area, saving them time to consistently enjoy healthy relationships, increase influence and boost revenue. Certified Life Coach & Trainer, A Fun Relationship & Personal Development Strategist, Speaker, Certified Mediator, Amazon Bestselling Author www.lifecoachtracymac.com
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