Show Your Love

show your love

I know someone passes away every day. But since the first of the year it seems so many people who have gone on… Maybe it’s just what I’m aware of, maybe not.

Whatever the case, tell people you love them, and if you really do, show them. Show them your love. I don’t mean having to dig up relationships that have proven to be toxic or dysfunctional, or a relationship that simply doesn’t want you in it. You can love them anyway, from a distance.  Wayne Dyer said, “Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.” That may be something to think about…

What I want to do is encourage you to show healthy and hearty love to those you love. When it comes to those you love, as Stevie Wonder sang, “Show him (her or them) your love. Don’t hold back your feelings. You don’t need a reason. When it’s straight from the heart.” You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day, because I’m not just talking about a romantic love, and that’s good too. But showing love can take on many faces – family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues,  and that love can include giving & receiving, respecting, helping, holding, talking & listening, praying for & with, writing, hugging, gifting, being quiet together, laughing, playing, doing an unasked favor, etc. You get the picture, right?

Some people say life is short, and that is sadly true for some. But, if you’re reading this life is long, long enough for you to show and tell someone you love them. Be open to receive the same, even when they express it to you differently. Differently? Yes, because you know our uniqueness allows us the privilege to enjoy unlimited expressions!

Sometimes we don’t feel loved because we haven’t been clear on how we need and want to be loved, or maybe we’re requiring a love from someone who just doesn’t have the capacity to love us that way. Love yourself enough to ask for how you desire to be loved, and be & do what it takes to receive it. Remember, ONE person can’t be required to bear the entire weight of expressing love to you, attempting to do so can breed frustration, disappointment and resentment. We may have parameters, vows or agreements on what kind of love we give, express or receive from a specific relationship, but even that, at its best isn’t all the love we need to give or receive.

Show yourself some love by asking. Show your love to someone else, not because you fear they may die, but because they live. Now is always ready. For those who have lost loved ones, may they rest in peace as you are comforted to live in peace.

I love you. I hope writing this is one of the ways to show you.


About TracyMac - The Life Solutionist

“We are your most trusted resource for personal and professional relationship enrichment. And if you're serious about business, it can't help but get personal.” ~Coach TracyMac Assists business owners, management, leadership teams and change agents with personal life management. As a result of working with me, they experience the exceptional value of having an unbiased listening ear, a relationship strategist, mediator and a confidant to help mastermind personal solutions. They consistently transform their hard work into “heart work” through accelerated wins in every area, saving them time to consistently enjoy healthy relationships, increase influence and boost revenue. Certified Life Coach & Trainer, A Fun Relationship & Personal Development Strategist, Speaker, Certified Mediator, Amazon Bestselling Author
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